A rowing machine is a cardio staple that engages a wide range of different muscles. While many people choose to go to their local gym if they want to use a rowing machine, you might find that a home rowing machine is surprisingly affordable and convenient.

man using rowing machine in gym


Rowers are a fantastic piece of equipment for weight loss because they raise your heart rate and use many different muscles. You can also adjust the intensity, turning a relatively low-impact exercise into a high-impact and high-intensity workout that will have you sweating in just 10 minutes. Here are some of the major benefits of using a rowing machine:

  1. People of all fitness levels can use a rower because you can choose how much effort you put in.
  2. It provides a total body workout since you need to use many different muscles.
  3. Rowing machines are very affordable at Sardine Sport. Our Sardine Sport M80 Magnetic Rowing Machine comes with a plethora of features such as wide pedals, an LED monitor, and it’s foldable which makes it easy to store.
  4. You can row in private without heading out to a gym. This can be extremely convenient, especially if you don’t want to travel to a gym or prefer working out in your home.
  5. It’s fantastic for your heart and lungs because rowing strengthens your cardiovascular system.
  6. Rowing is one of the most efficient workouts because it uses every muscle group.


Like other fitness equipment, a rowing machine can be affordable from Sardine Sport, but you’ll also find rowing machines for sale that exceed several thousand dollars. Some machines have better features, others have more resistance settings, and some come with convenient features like foldability or adjustable pedals.

When choosing a rowing machine, it’s a good idea to consider all of the different features it has and if they’re relevant to your use case.


If adding more cardio exercises to your routine is the goal then a rowing machine can be a fantastic choice. In addition to looking at treadmills for sale or even ellipticals, a rowing machine engages more muscles than other cardio equipment. This makes it a brilliant option if you only have space for one piece of fitness equipment, but it’s also a good change of pace if you’re used to running as your only source of cardio.

Since cardio is all about increasing your heart rate, a rowing machine can be a fantastic option for anyone that is looking to get fitter and lose weight. However, a rowing machine has the added benefit of using more muscles, making it a much more efficient workout than just running. It’s also very affordable and can be folded away with ease if you’re worried about space.

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