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Sardine Sport sells a variety of cardio equipment including foldable treadmillsrowers, and ellipticals. Find out more about our products below.

The principle of cardio is simple - raising your heart rate until you enter the fat-burning zone and start to lose weight. Almost anything can count as cardio as long as you’re moving around, hence why it’s such a popular way to lose weight. You could jump around your garden, you could sprint up and down the road, or you can walk up and down the stairs.

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  • Oak desk + White walkingpad
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  • Oak desk + Grey walkingpad
  • Oak desk + Blue walkingpad
Sardine sport C2 WalkingPad WITH Electric Standing Desk

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In the intro, we explained that you can do almost anything to raise your heart rate, so why should you bother with cardio equipment that can cost hundreds of dollars? If the choice is between buying a treadmill for hundreds of dollars or simply buying a pair of running shoes, most people would opt for the shoes and just run outdoors.

However, if you have the budget for it, then there are a huge number of advantages to buying cardio equipment.

      1. Privacy. One of the biggest benefits of buying cardio equipment is that you get to train and get fit in the comfort of your own home.

      2. Portability. Many of our cardio products can be stored away with ease. The All in ONE Abdominal Rowing Machine(Black&Red) Sardine Sport is a great example of a multi-functional piece of equipment that is surprisingly portable and easy to move around.

      3. Convenience. Not everyone lives close to an affordable gym and it’s not always possible to run outdoors due to the weather or how busy it is. So if you want the ability to work out when you want to and without needing to travel far, then cardio equipment is a great choice.

      4. Progress. Many cardio machines offer features to help you keep track of your progress. Some even have built-in programs that will help push your workouts so that you’re always reaching for new goals.

So whether you’re looking for a rowing machine for sale or are interested in a feature-rich treadmill, Sardine Sport offers a huge variety of equipment for you to pick from.



Most people see cardio as just a form of exercise. This is usually because they associate runningrowing, and other common cardio exercises as a way to lose weight. This happens by raising your heart rate above a certain level, after which you’ll start to burn calories.

But there are also other benefits to cardio as well.

      1. Being active helps increase circulation, leading to healthier skin, lower weight, and improved focus.

      2. Regular cardio exercise helps to regulate sleep and energy levels.

      3. Cardio can also be used as a way to improve your mood and uplift your mental health.

      4. There are many ways to lower the impact of cardio exercises, making them great for people of all ages and also people who are recovering from a physical injury.

A simple 30-minute cardio workout has more benefits than you might imagine. Consider getting a cardio machine today and don’t hesitate to contact us for advice on how to choose the perfect equipment.

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